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I'm Pro-Life by StegeKay I'm Pro-Life by StegeKay
...and nothing will ever change that! :D

Most folks know I'm not usually a serious person, but there's an issue or two that will totally get me up in arms leading a crusade.

Abortion is definitely at the top of the list. This is not one of those arguments that leaves me intimidated and afraid that I've got nothing good to say. *fist pump*

Let's start with my personal beliefs, though I'm sure some will skip right by everything I'm about to type and bash me, though I certainly know there are many MORE out there who will stand and speak out against the tragedy and horror that is abortion. I'm adopted. Abortion was legal in the U.S. in 1982 (the year I was born), but my birth parents, only 17 and 19 years old decided the best choice was to put me up for adoption, and I ended up with the best family in the world.

Now, onto the arguments. Those who say that a baby is not a baby because it cannot survive outside its mother's womb: does that make it not alive? The heart, brain, and nervous system of an unborn baby begin to develop as early as three weeks, and as early as six weeks a heartbeat can be seen in an ultrasound. Even if you are not a person who believes life begins at conception, there can be no argument that an unborn baby is very much alive when a heartbeat is present.

Onto the argument that outlawing abortion would mean that a mother who is experiencing dangerous health problems during pregnancy would not be able to be taken care of. Ridiculous. Issues such as ectopic pregnancies (when the fertilized egg becomes stuck in the fallopian tube) can be taken care of in hospitals. I do believe the health of the mother is a primary concern.

I could come up with much more, but my last argument (and the one that bothers me the most), is action on pregnancy as a result of rape. This is the argument I hear most often in support of abortion, yet statistics from the Alan Guttmacher Institute show that less than 1.5 % of abortions are the result of incest or rape. In general, rape is so violent that chances of fertilization are quite slim. ( And no, I am NOT saying that rape is not a serious issue *shakes fist* )

Next Tuesday (January 22, 2008), thousands will attend the Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C. to let their voices be heard. (By the way, if you ever ever get a chance to go to the march, you SHOULD! It is a totally awesome and awe-inspiring experience!)

So friends, I encourage you to use this stamp wherever you think it can be beneficial, and if you have a pin of the little feet on the stamp here, wear it next Tuesday in remembrance of the millions killed, and the hope that one day not terribly far away, things will change.

[link] (Facts on abortion from a pro-life site)
[link] (Time Magazine article including statistics from the Alan Guttmacher Institute)
[link] (Development of a fetus)


Okay, I'm turning off the comments.

I've gotten WAY too many personal insults on this thing. Folks-- debate the issue, but do NOT call me stupid, do NOT call me a hypocrite, and do NOT call me brainless because I feel strongly about this issue. If you want to debate, you debate this issue, not my smarts. Also someone insulted one of my good friends on this, too. You just don't do that, 'kay?

If you want to fave this stamp, thank you. :) If you want to leave me a comment-- and I don't mind debating this subject-- I have TONS of fodder-- you can send me a note. I don't mind at all.
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January 14, 2008
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