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Shian by StegeKay Shian by StegeKay
FINALLY this picture is done. I almost gave up on it sooo many times D: This is my entry for Seventh Sanctum's current contest...which ends today. Yeah, I like to cut things close. The contest was to come up with a half breed sort of character, so here's what mine generated:

The illogical, conceited, playful female half-Ki-Rin shaman who is part of a secret society. She appears as an 'humanized' version of her non-human parent, but it is an attractive, not monstrous appearance.

For those who don't know, a Ki-Rin is basically the Asian version of a unicorn.

SO. Her name is Shian, and she's the daughter of a Ki-Rin mother and a human father. Her mother fell in love with her father while she was supposed to be guarding the man's brother, and while they were...procreating, the man's brother was murdered.

Shian's devastated mother, after giving birth to the baby, flung herself off a cliff. Her father was unsure how to handle raising a child that was only half human, and abandoned the infant Shian at a monastery. The elder monk realized what the child was and attempted to raise her while fostering her natural magical abilities. But being as no one had ever encountered a half Ki-Rin child before, they found the girl to be rather unpredictable.

Like the Ki-Rin of lore, Shian held a natural affinity toward animals and all living things in general. Her weight did not crush grass or displace water. Being that she could not directly harm any living thing (unless that living thing is harming someone she wishes to protect), her magic seemed to come from the natural energies of the world. Shian can use elemental magic by borrowing energy from that specific element, particularly fire.

While she was still very young, a mysterious visitor happened upon the monastery in search of Shian. He told the elder monk that he came from a secret group that harbored and protected half breed children like Shian. Believing this secret society could provide a better life for the girl, the elder agreed she could accompany him.

Shian was trained in magic from then on by her new 'family,' and though she became quite a talented shaman mage, she also became rather arrogant about her abilities. Her pride had foundation though, as among other half breeds she was raised with, her abilities were unrivaled.

When Shian grew, she became an active part of the society, going out and seeking new half breed children to bring back.

But what she does not realize is this society is only gathering the mixed breed children to raise for their own benefit- creating an army to conquer the world. However Shian does not realize this, and continues to not only work for this secret group, but protect its leaders, violently if necessary.

(( Er, okay, that's not the best ever description, but hopefully this story below will give more of a glimpse at her personality! :D ))

* * *
The boy did not slow down as he entered the dark cave, instead trusting on his keen eyesight to guide him through the stone maze that was growing darker every moment. Every instinct told him to keep moving. If he were to stop, they would catch up to him. And then they would kill him. “Don’t stop,” He whispered to himself through gasping breaths. But no sooner did he utter the words then, as he took a sharp turn, he tripped over something in the darkness and toppled forward, winding up falling face first into a shallow underground lake. He sputtered and splashed as he tried to pick himself up, but after a few moments, the boy realized the panicked reaction was not helping him, he sighed aloud and tried to calm himself.

“Good going, Tey,” He chided himself quietly. “Now you’ve gone and cornered yourself…Ugh, I hate water.”

“Maybe if you’d been looking where you were going,” Another voice replied to his monologue, and that startled the boy all over again.

He scrambled clumsily to his feet and ducked behind a conveniently placed stone. How could he have been found so quickly? The boy drew an unsteady breath and after a short hesitation questioned, “Who’s there?”

“I am,” The voice replied quickly. He couldn’t hear any other movement, but from where he was crouched he suddenly saw a faint glow from the other side of his hiding spot. “You were pretty easy to follow,” It- no, she- the voice was definitely a she, went on in a matter-of-fact tone. “You make a lot of racket when you run. You’re Tey, right?”

The boy cringed. How did she know his name? He was sure he didn’t recognize the voice. Again there was a brief silence before he spoke, “Y-yeah,” He answered. “Who are you? Were you sent after me?” He added the last part with a bit of a growl in his voice, making an attempt to sound threatening. Though, how threatening was somebody who was hiding behind a rock?

At first the stranger didn’t answer. He heard a faint movement as the light grew brighter, and then as she moved into view, the boy stared in surprise. He had expected the villagers to chase after him with torches and pitchforks, but this, was undoubtedly not one of the villagers.

This was a girl, perhaps a little younger than him, and just as obviously not human as he was. First, she was standing on the water- standing on it, not floating above it, or standing knee deep like he was. She looked a little puzzled as she studied him with wide, ginger colored eyes. She had a single horn on her forehead that reminded Tey of a deer’s antler, and a thin tail with fine hair at its tip, which matched the twin pigtails on either side of her head. It seemed the girl had also conjured the light he’d noticed first. She stood with one hand slightly raised, and floating innocently above her fingers was a ball of fire, bright enough to illuminate the space around them. From that light, Tey could also see raised parts of the girl’s skin- they looked like scales, which reflected the light from her spell.

“I’m Shian,” She finally answered his question. “I was sent after you, but not by the people in your village,” She moved closer and crouched in front of him, studying the boy closely for a moment. “I came here to save you.”

“S-save me?” Tey’s eyes grew wide again. He was certainly not in a position to turn down an offer of help, but his immediate suspicion won out and he pressed on. “Why?”

At that Shian let out a short laugh, “Why?” She repeated, almost mockingly. He thought he saw her roll her eyes. “Because if I wasn’t here, you’d be facing death in about five minutes. Is that good enough reason for you?”

Tey didn’t say anything for a moment, well aware that what the girl had said was true. But still, the threat of certain doom didn’t deter him from questioning his would-be savior. How was he to know she wouldn’t take him to some even worse certain doom? “I-I know that,” He quietly answered her question while retreating a few steps away, causing the water to make a soft splashing sound. “But…I mean, what are you? And what are you doing here, really? That little town out there doesn’t end up with a lot of passers by.”

Shian made a face, “You’re wasting time,” She said accusingly. But after a moment she relented and let out a short sigh. “Fine, fine. I’m a Kirin. Er, well, half of me anyway. I was sent by…look, I can’t tell you a lot, but by people- good people, who wanna help out people like me,” She raised her free hand and pointed at Tey’s own dragon-like tail which was floating on the water. “And you. Manticore.”

“H-how do you know that?” Tey balked.

She shrugged, “I know a lot of things.” Slowly, the girl took a step forward, causing the water to ripple around her boots. “But we both know I’m right, so let’s get past that. We need to go.” Tey thought he heard a sense of urgency in her voice.

“Go where?” He asked, his eyes flickering past Shian toward where he had come from. “The way out is probably blocked by now.”

“That’s true, it is. But don’t worry, I can get us out of here,” She said confidently, an oddly timed playful smile on her lips. Shian glanced at the rock Tey was crouched next to, and then her eyes shifted back to him. “You’re going to have to trust me, okay?”

“Uh,” He blinked. “About what?”

The girl lost her smile for a split second. “Just trust me.” With that, she moved alongside him and crouched in front of the large rock.

Shian lightly placed her fingers in the water, and once they were wet, she traced them along the stone, leaving wet symbols on it. Then she closed her eyes and uttered a few words Tey didn’t understand. The instant she finished speaking, the symbols flashed in a brilliant light, and the stone itself gave way to what looked like an open doorway.

“There,” Tey’s amazement was broken by Shian’s voice. It sounded somewhat different, strained. “We just need to go through…and we’ll be safe.” With that, the kirin girl all but collapsed into his arms, suddenly sinking into the water.

Tey stood wondering what he should do. On one hand if he stayed here, he would certainly be killed. On the other…if he went through this strange doorway, he couldn’t know what was waiting for him. It might even be a fate worse than death. For a long moment he stared at the now unconscious girl in his arms, and then, drawing a deep breath, he moved toward the doorway she had created.

“I just hope you’re right…”

And then they were gone.

((Tey was going to be my second entry, but he didn't want to let me draw him, so...yeah.))
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earthian101 Featured By Owner May 30, 2011
awesome drawing. i really liked the story you added on. please finish it! i'm hecka curious to know how it ends but i can't write to save my life
Alandra-Noir Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Noiiiiice. I like it. You should draw Tey anyway :D
StegeKay Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wai thank you *flail* I might draw him, but I have to get myself motivated enough to even pick up a pencil again :D
Alandra-Noir Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
KARKAT. :iconkarkatplz:
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